Song Review: Steven Wilson – Hand Cannot Erase

As the first single from his new album, Hand.Cannot.Erase, the almost-title-track comes long-awaited by many. I for one am not disappointed, but by being almost a straight up pop-rock song, I can understand why some hardcore prog fans may have been underwhelmed. That said, those who are fans of Steven Wilson and know his work with Porcupine Tree will not be surprised; PT released songs such as ‘Trains’ and ‘Lazarus’ which were not necessarily very progressive and leaned towards more straightforward rock and pop sensibilities.

The song starts delicately, and crescendos into rocky territory with a big, uplifting chorus and and neat guitar solo. The instrumentation is tight and not over-extravagant, as prog sometimes is. This all creates a punchy and memorable song, and bodes very well for the upcoming album and tour.